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#12's Nanofics

New this week:
You Can't Be Alone Forever


I'm drawing a 'G' for a subcomic title, while listening to a techno-song called Fluffy Clouds. A young woman's voice says, "Uh, the sunsets were purple and red and yellow and on fire and the clouds would catch the colors everywhere."

Cool Words

vibrissae (vibb'-riss-ay) 1. (anatomical) nose hairs 2. (zoological) whiskers

Haiku Reviews

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back :)

Not so much a film
as a checklist of fun things
to do while filming.

Daddy-O's Reviews

La Jetée (The Jetty)

As is often the case with remakes, I liked this poignant French short from 1962 even more than the masterpiece it led to, 12 Monkeys. While comparatively spartan, containing only the barebones of the latter movie's complex time travel plotline, the original version seems a lot tighter and more powerful. The narrated slide show format, in B&W with subtitles, is also quite striking and compelling. The title refers to the arrival platform at an airport, where a violent incident has just occurred.

Tirade's Choice

Save Trails End#12's Webcomic picks
Gene Catlow

"One of the coolest things about the con was getting to play with the giant cardboard Icehouse pieces. I played many a game of giant Icetowers in the hall and helped attract attention from passerbys. In fact the only regret I have for the entire con was that I dropped out of the middle of the Icetowers tournament (being played in giant scale) with one win to my credit, in order to go to a panel. As it was Dave ended up clinching the title in what I understand was a great game." -- Sam, on the Rabbit mailing list, just after WorldCon 2001

Thursday, September 6, 2001
by the Wunderland Toast Society

What's New?

What's Going On? WorldCon 2001 Report

As I said last week, I've been to a lot of sci-fi conventions in my day. But a WorldCon is different. Of course, being at the top of the sci-fi-con food chain, you'd expect this con to be a cut above the rest. The way it moves to a different city each year also adds a lot to its charm. Plus there's the duration... WorldCon runs a full five days, twice as long as your average event. It's quite an event.

We did very well at WorldCon and we had a rockin' good time, too. Sales were great, and the debut of giant cardboard Icehouse pieces got so many people into the game as to cause us to sell every last set we'd brought! We also ran continuous game demos and even several tournaments in the Gaming events area, where we had a great time hanging out playing games with new friends and long-time rabbits alike.

The giant cardboard Icehouse pieces are absolutely wonderful. They stack! Just as the arrival of hollow icehouse pieces opened to us a vast new world of stacking game options, so too have these new pieces given us wonderful new opportunities. Key among these is that we can finally now play IceTowers, the other turnless Icehouse game, on this grand scale, and it's totally great! Playing a regular board game with giant pieces is just a novelty, but when it's a turnless game it becomes more of a sport. Of course, we've known this for years, from playing Icehouse with giant foam pieces and pyramidal pillows, but those of you who know how much easier IceTowers is to teach than Icehouse will appreciate how wonderful it is to be able to play this game, instead of that one, with giant pieces. (The teaching got even better after I threw together a one-page handout containing the complete rules to the game...)

We sold through all of the cardboard sets we'd brought too, but we'll be assembling more of both kinds of Icehouse sets soon. So, you too will be able to get a set of these amazing giant pyramids! Kristin has been doing a lot of upgrade work on the webstore this week, but we're not quite ready to launch all these new products just yet. (When these pieces do become available for sale, they'll cost $22 for a stash of 15. Shipping will be extra of course. And to those of you still patiently waiting for Fluxx Blanxx to become available via the website, thanks for continuing to be patient! It should all be available next week!)

The giant cardboard pieces begin as plain cardboard, one side of which is white. They can be painted, as we did with our main demo set, or they can be drawn upon with markers, which makes for a beautiful but slow-to-create game set. Alison began one such set at WorldCon but only a couple of pieces are done; here's Jane from London showing off the one she spent a lot of time doodling upon.

Here are the winners of the trio of tournements we ran during WorldCon. Even though he's just a volunteer now, our former summer intern Dave Chalker took a break from college to attend (he's only ever missed one WorldCon in his life) and as you can see, not only did Dave adjudicate our WorldCon Tourneys, he even won one! Thanks for all your help, Dave!

Friday's Chrononauts Tournament was won by Christine Dziadosz.

Saturday's IceTowers Tournament (which was played out using giant cardboard pieces) was won by Dave Chalker.

Sunday's Fluxx Tournament was won by Zev Sero.

Here's a typical scene from our demo area, during one of our tournaments. Since gaming takes a backseat to other programming at WorldCon, we were able to take over the entire back sector of the official gaming area, and we never had trouble filling it with folks interested in learning to play our games. Unfortunately though, said Gaming Area was pretty far away from the Exhibit Hall, so I had to spend most of my days working apart from Kristin and Alison in the booth. Here as at Gen-Con, we yearned for a single space for both demos and vending. While Gen-Con left us feeling like we needed a bigger booth, WorldCon convinced us that Pop-Tart Cafes are the thing to do at science fiction conventions.

But as good as WorldCon was, we felt the sting of not being at DragonCon, a big sci fi con with a big gaming track, which was taking place at the same time, in Atlanta. While many of our peer game companies sent prize support and even had demo teams running events, like us, in the Open Gaming spaces, we were virtually alone as exhibitors, being joined only by Kadon Enterprises. "Why aren't you at DragonCon?" was a common question. "This one's closer," became our stock answer, but next year, when the two again conflict, and WorldCon is the one that's much farther away, we'll probably go to DragonCon. The year after that (2003) will probably find us back at WorldCon though, since it'll be in Toronto...

AndyHappy Fall!

Thought Residue
I guess I'm going to have to add a specific rule to Q-Turn which says that if I'm attempting to move onto my victory space, for the win, but an opponent is blocking my space and has just been sitting there re-orienting, specifically to try to keep me from winning, then that player's piece is ejected from the board, and I get to move in. It's very fiddly, but seems to be necessary...
"Interesting fact - I have as many email addresses as I do telephone numbers. Only Andy Looney had an email address in the 15 year reunion memory book!" -- Sandy Roush Caho, in an email to planned attendees of Northwestern High School's 20 year reunion
"I think the Emperor's new cards look just stunning!" -- Jesse Welton, on the BetaTesters mailing list, after several others had posted messages saying the PDF files of two new Nanofictionary card sheets they were supposed to be able to download for playtesting were coming out completely blank


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