Big Experiment #10: The Booth
Part 1 of Andy's Origins Report (see also: The Halls and The Lab)

To begin with, here's a picture of our awesome booth in the Exhibit Hall, easily the best sales setup we've ever had. Notice the two-table demo area to the far right, the sales counter to the left, and of course, the product display unit (which Alison built) in the center.

Here's a better look at our smorgasboard of gaming goodness:

Here's another view of the booth, after the gamers have been allowed in. See that purple curtain in the middle of the background? The photo to the right shows what's behind that curtain: our well-organized stock room!

These are two of our temps, Anthony and Sara. (Unfortunately, it seems that no one got a good photo of our third temp, Barbara...)

Our sales counter showcased two big improvements over last year. Firstly, we got a second cash register, and secondly, Robin brought in a few temps (through a local temp agency) to run our cash registers for us! This made a huge difference in our ability to both run and enjoy everything else at the show.

Since our big new release was our new game Are You The Traitor? a lot of our focus in the Booth was on this. Here's one of the many demo games being played:
Here you see Jacob Davenport proudly accomplishing his goal of being the first person anywhere to purchase a copy of the game!

Here's Laura Marsh standing at the edge of our booth, telling passersby about our cool stuff and giving away Lab Reports and Postcards:

Inside the Lab Report (cover shown here) is the schedule of events and other information about the Big Experiment we were running up in the Lab.

This year's new promo card postcard was a slightly updated version of the one we made for GAMA: a Fluxx Creeper called Traitor. (The update was the change in artwork from a male KeyHolder to the woman shown on the cover of the Lab Report.)

This year we started having specific times when I'd be hanging around in the booth for people who were trying to find me, to get an autograph, to challenge me to a game (that's James Hamilton losing to me at Homeworlds), or even to just give me a big high five. (Congrats on that Fluxx tourney, Ivan!)

Laura, Alison, and Robin greet you at the booth with a smile!

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