Big Experiment #10: The Halls
Part 2 of Andy's Origins Report (see also: The Booth and The Lab)

Most of our events were held in The Lab, but some of our fun is just too big for that space. In particular, there's this thing we do called Andy vs. Everybody. Here's how things looked in one of the three sessions we did:

Something new we started doing this year was giving out these ribbons whenever I lost a game:

Naturally, everybody wanted to earn one of these, which ended up being something of a problem; since only the actual winner gets a ribbon, folks became a lot more interested in two player games like Volcano. I think we're going to need to start enforcing the ten-game rule (limiting the number of games I can be in to the number of little flags we actually have) and requiring that people play in bigger groups rather than trying to start up their own 1-on-1 matches with me. But anyway, it was great fun as usual!

Of course, another thing we always do that usually spills out into the Halls is games with Giant Pyramids, including Giant IceTowers...

...Giant Martian Coasters...

...and Giant Treehouse!

However, there was one pyramid game people wanted to play with the big pieces but which wasn't an option, due our lack of a gigantic board: World War 5. So Bryan Stout took up the challenge, starting with a big blank canvas and a bunch of jars of paint, and this became this year's big "Rabbit Craft" project. It was a lot of work, but by the end of the weekend, they had the whole thing done!
Here you see Bryan and Jessie Clark (who I think worked on it the hardest) as they enjoy the end result:
The finished board with the artists who made it (from left to right): Annie Stout, Laura Marsh, Bryan Stout, Jessie Clark, and Shin Blue.

Speaking of elaborate arts & crafts projects, here's Petra with another pyramid-themed tiara. She's been making a new one every year for many years now!

We put this big bulletin board up at the Registration area, to let everyone know about all the cool stuff we have going on in the Lab...

It used to be a struggle to find a recycling bin in the convention Center, but now they have these big wonderful "single-stream" collection bins! Yay!

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